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CMI Gets Support From Shanghai Maritime University
- August 15, 2014 -

The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), in its transitional phase towards acquiring university status, is to receive additional academic support through a partnership with the Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) in China. Dr Shoun Jian-Min, dean of the University College of Engineering, and Dr Yu Siqin, executive deputy dean of the Advanced Institute of International Shipping, visited the CMI last Thursday to concretise discussions on the partnership with CMI's executive director, Dr Fritz Pinnock. A formal memorandum of understanding is to be signed shortly. Under the partnership agreement, the two Shanghai university deans have been appointed visiting professors and external examiners for select courses in the CMI's School of Professional and Marine Studies. The partnership will also result in the staging of a series of joint maritime, academic, and logistics conferences in Jamaica and in Shanghai and student and faculty exchanges. The SMU owns and operates training vessels, and under the agreement, students from the CMI will be able to do sea time, a critical component of their training, on the vessel. The partnership between the CMI and the SMU was brokered in collaboration with the embassy of China in Jamaica. The Governments of Jamaica and China recently signed an agreement that will facilitate the teaching of Mandarin at the CMI by teachers, who are native speakers, provided by the Chinese Government. The Shanghai Maritime University, a multidisciplinary institution with 14 colleges covering a wide cross section of disciplines with a population in excess of 25,000 students, ranks among Asia's best universities for specialisation in maritime, shipping, and transport education. Some of the most popular colleges include the Merchant Marine College, the Logistics Engineering College, and the Ocean Environment and Engineering College. The university houses the Shanghai International Shipping Research Institute, the Simulation Centre of Navigation, the Maritime Law Research Centre, and the Research Institute of Electronic Automation.

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