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 Member Services Provided by SAJ
  • Legal Research Advice:
    • This facility offers members specialized services, valued at several multiples of the membership fee.  We have staged seminars on legislation and proposed legislation - such as the Companies Act and the Port Authority Act of Jamaica.
  • Representation and Lobbying:
    • We represent our members in various  committees and organisations including the Port Authority of Jamaica, Jamaica Customs, the Tax Administration, The Caribbean Shipping Association, the PSOJ, JMA, JEA, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and other governmental and private sector bodies. Note the SAJ success with GCT status of shipping industry, saving members huge sums.
  • Industrial Relations:
    • Top priority is given to maintaining harmonious relations on the Port of Kingston, thus securing the businesses and jobs of people at all levels of the industry.
  • Security and Community Development:
    • The SAJ continues to contribute to security on the Port of Kingston, helping to assure the integrity of Jamaican export shipments through our Canine Division and safeguarding the viability of members' businesses. The SAJ is also a lead contributor to the upkeep of the Port Bustamante community through support of the Newport West Corporate Citizens Association. The SAJ also provides a mobile clinic for the local community, creating immense goodwill for the shipping industry members.
  • Public Relations and Communications:
    • The SAJ continues to project a strong and positive image of the industry through a dynamic communications programme, including the preparation and publication of the Shipping Industry News Feature in the Tuesday Gleaner.
  • Meeting Point:
    • The SAJ provides a meeting point for members to discuss matters of mutual and national interest. The SAJ meets all the attendant costs of providing this facility.
  • Ambulance Service:
    • The SAJ now provides a 24-hour ambulance service for the benefit of its workers and members.
  • General Member Services:
    • The Communication and Services Department exists principally to provide a range of programmed and ad hoc services to members and provides follow up for the Agents Committee in particular.
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