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Rear Admiral Peter Brady, director general of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, has been reappointed to the Board of Governors of the World Maritime ...
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Shipping Industry Contributes To Maths Revolution
Students from across the island - from the primary to the tertiary level - were last Thursday educated on how mathematics is utilised in the shipping ...
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Jamaica Joins India To Celebrate Its 50th National Maritime Day
Rear Admiral (ret'd) Peter Brady, director general of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica and former chairman of the International Maritime Organisation...
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CMA CGM Announces Direct Service From Trinidad To Kingston
French Liner CMA CGM will, on February 20, commence direct service from Trinidad to Kingston with a four-day transit. This latest offering will boost ...
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The Port Authority of Jamaica now invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for Technical Consultancy for the Design, Development and Implementation of a Port Community System Procurement Project in Jamaica utilizing the International Competitive Tender Procurement Methodology. Jamaica through the Port Authority of Jamaica and Jamaica Customs, along with other entities in the Port Community have undertaken to acquire and implement a Port Community System, through a Public Private Partnership arrangement. The acquisition of the Port Community System will be done through the Two (2) stage tender process. The Port Authority of Jamaica requires technical consultants to assist with the procurement/pre-implementation process.

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In addition, the Association acts on behalf of its members in initiatives to advance industrial relations, training, security, information ...

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The history of Kingston shows that the great harbour of Kingston, has created significant wealth over the years, quite apart from whatever economic regime may have been operating on the mainland. The Port of Kingston has always been the hub of trade with...

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