The SAJ believes in being an active participant in the communities bordering the Port of Kingston. The SAJ provides:

  • Regular primary health care for senior citizens of the community
  • Community clinics in partnership with our sponsors

The SAJ is also an influential player with both the Government of Jamaica, particularly in relation to the regulatory framework for the maritime industry, and, the various private sector organisations – such as the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, and the Chamber of Commerce and the Jamaica Exporters’ Association.

The strong relationship with the Caribbean Shipping Association, which is headquartered at the SAJ, reflects the relative position of the SAJ in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Our adopted school. The Marcus Garvey School in Greenwich Town. Marcus Garvey School is an early childhood institution which offers a solid academic foundation for children from the community. This school is run by the St Anne’s Church & Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, and has been a primary [...]
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The Shipping Association of Jamaica’s community clinics are a critical part of the outreach services we provide. Residents of communities near to the shipping district of Newport West have continuously benefited from free clinics in their areas where they are seen by doctors and nurses and provided with medication. Services [...]
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