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What is the primary role of The Shipping Association of Jamaica?

Registered as a Trade Union, one of the primary functions of the Association is to manage the daily supply of certain categories of labour on the port of Kingston.

How is The Shipping Association of Jamaica governed?

The Association has a 12-member Board, known as Managing Committee, but the on going work of the organization is undertaken by a highly efficient and professional Secretariat.

Does The Shipping Association of Jamaica own ships?

No. Currently some of our members represent shipping lines as local agents.

Does The Shipping Association of Jamaica help with clearing barrels?

No. The Shipping Association of Jamaica in no way gets involved with the clearing of goods/cargo. This is done by Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders etc.

Who can become a member of the Association?

i) Any person, firm, company, corporation, association or legal entity engaged in carrying on business as:

  1. Stevedoring contractor
  2. Shipowner or ship operator
  3. Wharfinger, wharf or terminal owner or operator
  4. Ship’s agent

(ii) Any representative, association, persons or entities engaged directly in the shipping industry such as:

  1. Cargo hauliers
  2. Port equipment contractors
  3. Bonded warehouse operators
  4. Agents for NVOCC’s
  5. Any other organization directly related to the shipping industry

What are some of the other activities of The Shipping Association of Jamaica?

Apart from lobbying functions, the Secretariat provides:

  • Specialised training opportunities for its members
  • General Information on developments in the industry both locally and abroad.
  • Specialised information packages.
  • Project support to membership groups.
  • Community outreach programmes.

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